72. The speech Shiva approves of

If you choose to speak –
The speech must be charming,
like a string of pearls.
The speech must light up,
like the red gem.
The speech must be crystal clear,
making an impact.
The speech must earn the approval of Shiva.
What you speak, if it fails to show in your action,
how can Kudala-sangama-deva, Shiva,
take a liking to you?
— Basavanna


Silence is golden. Next to it is the gentle speech. This is possible only when my speech is in tune with awareness – this is the speech that wins over Shiva.


I must speak in awareness. If awareness slips away, and I go on speaking, my speech will lose luster, force, impact and will in no way be related to how I act.

Vachana No. 60 to 84



Vachana Text 72

Nudidade muttina haaradantirabeaku.
Nudidade maanikyada deeptiyatirabeaku.
Nudidade spatikada shalaakeyantirabeaku.
Nudidade Linga mechchi ahudahudenabeaku.
Nudiyolagaadi nadeyadiddade
-- Basavanna

72. ನುಡಿದಂತೆ ನಡೆ

ನುಡಿದಡೆ ಮುತ್ತಿನ ಹಾರದಂತಿರಬೇಕು.
ನುಡಿದಡೆ ಮಾಣಿಕ್ಯದ ದೀಪ್ತಿಯಂತಿರಬೇಕು.
ನುಡಿದಡೆ ಸ್ಫಟಿಕದ ಶಲಾಕೆಯಂತಿರಬೇಕು.
ನುಡಿದಡೆ ಲಿಂಗ ಮೆಚ್ಚಿ ಅಹುದಹುದೆನಬೇಕು.
ನುಡಿಯೊಳಗಾಡಿ ನಡೆಯದಿದ್ದಡೆ
-- ಬಸವಣ್ಣ


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