A karma yogi, he had built many tanks as part of his Karma Yoga. About 1162 Vachanas have been attributed to him. He signed off his Vachanas with the signature line, Kapila-siddha-mallikarjuna.  He came under the spell of AllamaPrabhu and Basavanna.  Siddeshwar temple, in front of Solapur railway station, attracts thousands of devotees. The temple and the tank in front of the temple in this complex were built by  Shiva Yogi Siddharameshvara.

Places associated with Siddhrameshwara: Sonnalige where he was born is the present day Solapur in Maharashtra. Srisaila in Andhra Pradesh which he visited. He also visited Kalyana with Allama Prabhu and met Basavanna and other Sharanas.

Siddha-rameshwara’s Vachanas in this selection:

29. Who am I?
54. I pray
55. Carry me
84. Equanimity
86. Karmayoga
94. Dasoham


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