Key to Kannada transliteration

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Short vowel Long vowel Compound vowels 
award–ಅ  aaarm– —  —
ink– eel — —  — 
urdu–  ooze —  —  —
rushi —  —  —  —  —
edge– great– aiice–
obey– oath — out —

Classified Consonants (For aspirated, ‘h’ is affixed to the unaspirated base.)

Unaspirated Aspirated Unaspirated  Aspirated Nasal
Kickಕ್   kh—   gun–ಗ್ ghಘ್ಙ್  ಙ್ – seldom used
church– ಚ್ chh Jar —   ಜ್ jh – ಝ್ ಞ್ – ಜ್ಞಾನ – – jnana
tt(h)ink —ತ್   th d as in the  —ದ್ dh – ಧ  no ನ
tea–ಟ್  th  day–ಡ್ dh n Ganesha
pen  —ಪ್ ph —    bat  —   ಬ್ bh momಮ್

These unclassified consonants are only unaspirated:

yard– ಯ್;   run — ರ್;   love — ಲ್ ;    van–ವ್;    show–ಶ್, ಷ್;   sun– ಸ್;    hen — ಹ್;
l( ‘lin italics )ಳ್ as in Kaali

Pay attention to letters in italics  as distinguished from the SAME LETTERS in normal type.

In all six consonants will occur in italics which have to be pronounced differently than same letters in normal type. You may refer to this chart for quick reference.1 ‘tin italics , as intea’ and ‘table’;  normal ‘t’ is as in think,’  ‘thumb,’ and ‘thunder’2  ‘din italics , as in ‘dance,’ and ‘dad’ ; normal ‘d’ is as in  the’, that’ and ‘them.’

3 ‘n’ in italics ,as in‘Ganesha’ ; normal ‘n’ is as in ‘no’  and ‘nine.’
    In words like  Basavanna and Sharana, ‘n’ is read as in‘Ganesha’ and ‘Krishna.’

4 ‘lin italics , as in Kaali’  where as  normal ‘l’ is as in ‘love,’  ‘London’ and ‘Linga.’