Allama Prabhu

A contemporary of Basavanna, Allama Prabhu, also known as Prabhudeva, was a mystic . Such was the respect in which he was held, he was invited to adorn Shnya-simhasana to preside over Sharanas’ meet at Anubhava Mantapa in Basava Kalyana. 1645 vachanas have been discovered. He used the pen name, Guheshwara. In his youth, he used to play maddale, a kind of drum. He was a wandering mystic, interacting with sharanas, questioning them to get at the truth. His vachanas reveal his mastery over Yoga.

Places associated with Allama Prabhu:
Karnataka:Place of his birth, Balligavi, Shikaripura Taluk in Shivamogga district.
Kalyana where he met Basavanna and other sharanas.
Maharashtra: Solapur where he met Shiva Yogi Siddharameshwara.
Andhra Pradesh: Srisailam, his final destination.

His Vachanas in this collection:

7. What is Maya?
10. Pleasure and Pain
14. Hold on to the Guru’s feet
25. With or without Form?
28. You are awareness
34. Where one is
35. This body is a temple
36. Words fail
75. Litmus Test
76. Mark of a Sharana