Akka Mahadevi

A contemporary of Basavanna. She walked out on the married life imposed on her, throwing off her robes. 434 vachanas of Akka Mahadevi are available. She signs off her vachanas as Chenna-mallikarjuna.  Her search for and union with  Chenna-mallikarjuna, Shiva,  is captured poetically in her vachanas.

Places associated with Akka mahadevi in Karnataka are  the place of her birth, Udutadi( Udagani ), Shikaripura Taluk of Shivamogga district and  Kalyana in Bidar district where she met Basavanna.  Kadali grove of plantains where she vanished is in Srisailam, in Andhra Pradesh.

Her Vachanas in this collection: 

6. The house I’ve built
16. The company of the Sharanas
18. The Right company
27. Know Thyself
51. Jnana-Bhakti
64. Make room for Shiva
82. No room for other thoughts
83. This too will pass
102. It’s Yours
109. Beyond form and name
Merging in you, I forgot you
113. Silence